tmj-treatment2Learn how a dentist can help you get relief from upper or lower jaw pain

A “bad bite” or what is technically referred to as malocclusion – will eventually lead to an imbalance in the relationship of the upper jaw to the lower jaw. This will result in an unnatural, strained position for the muscles of the jaw, and surrounding supports such as the neck, head and back. As well, it may cause severe wear of your teeth causing such things as cracks, recession and loss of tooth structure.


We go through a series of steps to not only relieve your symptoms, but to also correct and understand the cause of your symptoms. The first step is an analysis of your bite that is taken through several measurements and impressions of the teeth/ jaw relationship. We then analyze the information, present our findings and help you what are the best options for a comfortable bite.  One of the options is to fabricate a specialized appliance, known as as a splint, which is worn on the teeth. Sometimes it is possible to use orthodontic treatment to move the teeth into a position that is comfortable for the jaw joint and muscles.

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