TAPApplianceIntraoral appliances includes splints, orthotics, orthopedic appliances, bite guards, nightguards, and bruxing guards. They are used in TMD treatment, and fitted by Dr. Ayi using many designs and materials. General dentists and dental specialists commonly use appliance therapy.

The most common reasons advocated for appliance therapy are to provide joint stabilization, protect the teeth, redistribute forces on the jaw, relax jaw-closing muscles, and decrease the effects of tooth grinding.


  • Easier to use and easier to maintain when compared to other complicated devices like CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)
  • Studies show most patients prefer its use to CPAP
  • Improvement in sleep in many patients
  • Extraordinary reduction in snoring in many patients
  • Dental devices are small in size and as such can be conveniently used even when the patient is traveling
  • Oral appliances are considered to be more effective than most types of surgery


  • Most effective in mild to moderate cases but it is recommended for severe sleep apnea if CPAP can’t be tolerated
  • Requires regular dental supervision to ensure proper use
  • May produce side effects such as soreness; damage to jaw, teeth and mouth; saliva build-up and in rare cases nausea
  • Permanent changes in the position of teeth and jaw occur in some cases where patients use it on a long term basis

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