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Does Health Plus Dental provide dentistry for people of all ages?

Yes, we provide all the services your family members need to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. That means we are a trusted provider of dental care for adults, seniors and children. You will find that Dr. Ayi has a special way with kids, who welcome his warm manner and always leave with a free gift from the “Treasure Chest”.

I’m looking for reasonable dental prices offered by a proven dentist with a long track record of serving patients in SE and SW Calgary.  Does this describe what I can expect from Health Plus Dental?

Yes, we have provided quality dentistry at reasonable prices for over thirty years.

Do you  accept new patients?

Yes, we welcome new patients from all the SE and SW Calgary communities near our dental office in Midnapore, which means we are a great choice for anyone searching for “dentists in Midnapore” or a “Midnapore dentist near me”. We also have many patients from Chaparral, Sundance, Shawnessy, Evergreen and Bridlewood.

Should I get a dental exam or check-up even if I don’t have any tooth pain?

Yes. By the time you experience tooth pain or other dental problems, such as bleeding gums, you may need significant treatment. A dental checkup will reveal any issues before they reach the advanced stage and give Dr. Ayi the information he needs to recommend a treatment plan. In short, a little prevention can go a long way.

Does Dr. Ayi offer dental services for people who have a bad bite and need bite restoration?


I’m looking for a dentist in SE Calgary who has good reviews. Is Dr. Ayi highly rated in RATEMD?

Yes, he has numerous ratings of 5 out of 5 stars.

What are my options if I have a damaged or lost tooth?

There are many options and you can count on us  to explain them all. The main options include crowns, bridges and full or partial dentures, also known as false teeth.

Does Dr. Ayi provide cosmetic dentistry?

Yes, he has helped many patients who came to him with a request to improve or restore their smile.

What causes bleeding, swollen or sore gums?

There is no single answer. The problem with your gums could be the result of gum disease, known formally as Gingivitis. Gum disease is caused by bacterial infection that can lead to even more serious problems, including the loss of adult teeth.

What can I do to avoid gum disease?
Daily brushing and flossing, combined with regular dental checkups, is effective. However, if you have advanced gum disease, deep cleaning may be necessary.