Our dental administrators Suzanne & Michelle are the first line of communication between you and Dr. Ayi










Suzanne has been Dr. Ayi’s Dental Business Administrator for over 5 years. A graduate of Dental Assisting at NAIT in 1996, she brings with her many years of experience and understanding of dental and overall health. Greeting you with “sunshine”,  it is her pleasure to service all patients with the many aspects of scheduling appointments. She also handles the financial portion of your appointments including billing patients and insurance companies.













Michelle plays a key role as our Hygiene Coordinator, and has worked with Dr. Ayi for many years. She brings with her over 35 years experience, graduating from Dental Assisting at SAIT in 1979. She takes the time to get to know each and every one of our patients, and loves her role in coordinating the hygiene schedule, as well as many other administrative duties.

Both Suzanne and Michelle are looking forward to meeting you!

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