Family dental and orthodontics Mesa AZ

Family dental and orthodontics Mesa AZ

The best kind of dentist is the one who optimizes your overall health because they are genuinely concerned about your dental health and do not work solely for financial gains. The worst dentists will cause permanent damage to your teeth because they genuinely could not care any less whether you walk out with a more crooked bite and cracked tooth or broader gaps.

On the flip side, many dentists are honest and do a successful job of prescribing just the proper dental treatment or nighttime clear aligners

for your issue every time. The fraudulent ones take advantage of the practice’s vulnerability and gray areas for as long as they can milk unsuspecting clients, which also often includes young children and senior citizens with limited income.

Do you think you are suffering at the hands of such a practice? Are you confident that the procedures are only causing more harm and financial loss? Keep reading if you want our professional opinion and a reasonable answer for your diagnosis.

Signs You Are Dealing With A Fraudulent Dentist And What To Do

Schedule Fake Appointments

Unethical dentists make easy money by throwing away their training and morals to get as much money as they can in any way possible. They will invent treatment plans out of thin air, such as booking you in for services you never needed, such as filling in a cavity they created or installing Invisalign's because they intentionally used unscrupulous braces.

These shady dentists will tell you that your teeth are at risk of long-term damage because the fillings used contain a dangerous amount of mercury. Usually, they lack the basis for their remarks and analysis and cannot single out one scientific research or FDA report to back up these wild claims.

Lack A License

Lack of an operating license is the first and probably only sign that you are working with a quark. These scammers offer their services at throw-away prices and will have poor customer service because few professionals want to risk their reputation by working with them. Ask for the license or look it up before the consultation to avoid more problems in future.

Reasons To Choose Our Family Dental And Orthodontics In Mesa AZ

Reasonable Bills

The better practitioner has a reasonable pricing fee within the market range or, at the very least, has evidence to explain the value. We have a straightforward pricing plan that will be communicated at the beginning of your treatment, so you know exactly what to expect until your last session with us.

Superior Customer Support

The root of any lousy practice lies in the customer service from the principal dentist and the supporting staff. We make our office where you want to be because the entire team is trained to listen to your concerns and offer diagnoses and reports with long-term benefits and lucrative financial deals.

Our services are here to stay, and the only way we can achieve that is to maintain the same excellence for your family line to have excellent oral history. Check out our site for more information and contact our orthodontists near me to book a personal appointment on the cost of clear braces. insurance coverage for Invisalign and more.

Family dental and orthodontics Mesa AZ
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Family dental and orthodontics Mesa AZ
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Dr. Chen is AMAZING professional. He never does unnecessary tests, clearly understands what and why he is doing. Everything is being done very fast and absolutely perfect. Clinic is neat and clean. Front desk is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this clinic despite it might mean longer waiting time for me .


Vasily Kandelaki


My entire family has been with the team at Health Plus Dental for over 15 years. They are all top tier and I fully recommend for Kids and Adults alike!


Jim Bladon


Dr. Nii Ayi and his staff are all friendly and great at what they do. They want the best for your dental health and I would recommend their services to anyone.


Mitch Rogers

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