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Creating Beautiful

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Dental Technology

Welcome to Health Plus Dental

We Provide High-Tech Cosmetic

And Restorative Dentistry

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Taking Care

of Your Entire

Family for Life!

Health Plus Dental


Family Dentistry

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Experiencing Pain?

It's An Emergency!

Health Plus Dental


Dental Services

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& Periodontal


Health Plus Dental

Better Teeth

for Better Health!

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Health Plus Dental

Experiencing Headaches?

It Could Be Your Bite!

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Health Plus Dental

Helping You Achieve

An Incredible Smile!

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Problems Sleeping?

We Have Solutions For You!

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Health Plus Dental

Do You Want A Healthy

Natural Looking Smile?

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Health Plus Dental

Implants Can Replace

Multiple Missing Teeth!

Better Care. Better Health. Better Teeth

webversioncroppedgroupfencepicWant healthy, beautiful teeth and a dazzling smile?  It all starts with regular dental checkups at Health Plus Dental, a trusted source of general, family and cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years.

Strong Healthy Teeth For Life!

The secret to healthy teeth begins by helping your children develop positive habits at an early age.
Let Health Plus show you how your children can keep their teeth for a lifetime!

We Are Always Accepting New Patients!

At Health Plus Dental Centre – we are always striving to provide ALL patients with the best care possible.
Our team members are constantly furthering their education, which we feel better allows us to educate our patients as to all the options that modern dentistry offers.

Experiencing Pain? Then It’s an Emergency!

Are you not sure if your dental problem is an emergency? Here is a simple rule – if it hurts, it’s an emergency!
Health Plus Dental is here to help. Call us at (403) 254-1300 to make your appointment today.

Jaw Pain

Experiencing pain in your neck and shoulders? Your jaw joint could be causing your pain.

Sleep Apnea

The right dental treatment may be all you need to get a good night's sleep.

Healthy gums

Using the latest dental technology, we keep your gums healthy and beautiful.

General Dentistry

Whether you need a filling or regularly scheduled teeth cleaning, we can help.

Health Plus Dental is conveniently located in the Health Plus Building at #290 Midpark Way SE, just off Macleod Trail and Midpark Blvd. We face directly across from the Real Canadian Superstore, Chapters and the Landmark Cinemas in Shawnessy.  However, you must access our dental clinic from the Midnapore side of Macleod Trail, via Midpark Way.

 Click here to discover how close our dental clinic is to your home

health-plus-exterior-midpark-wayChoosing our dental office means your teeth will be kept healthy and beautiful by a team of caring, enthusiastic professionals, dedicated to providing dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment for you and your entire family.  Contact us today to learn more about our complete range of dental services, including Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Emergency Dentistry and Bite Restoration.


 New patients welcome from Midnapore, Shawnessy, Evergreen, Sundance, Lake Chaparral and the surrounding communities in SE and SW Calgary.  Call  (403) 254-1300 today to book your appointment!