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A Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

Getting surgery for a dental implant is a huge decision. Therefore, it is essential to be well informed before deciding on the dentist's process to perform it. We at Health plus Dental Centre have a guide that will enable us to understand the procedure's steps. We have a full-service dental clinic that will handle the procedure.

The Meaning of Dental implant

A Dental implant is defined as human-made replacements for the root form of the teeth. This implant is affixed into the jawbone giving the tooth a more authentic and natural look. Dental implants give the patient the liberty to enjoy any given food they like. The main distinction between the denture and dental implants is that implants are fixed.

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Importance of Implants

The following are reasons to choose dental implants rather than other forms of teeth replacement.

  1. Restores Jawbone Structure

Once a tooth has been removed or lost, the bone beneath the jaw tends to deteriorate with time. Teeth affixed on the jawbone activates the bone by nibbling and grinding. Lack of such activities, the jawbone loses its strength. Dental implants tend to be customarily fixed into the jawbone and thus tend to serve the purpose of stimulation.

  1. Get Back Your Natural and Authentic Smile

Dental implants allow one to restore their smile and maintain their face structure. Be it a single or multiple teeth replacements, we got you covered.

  1. Avoid Issues with ordinary Dentures

The most common problems experienced by people wearing dentures include a lot of saliva forming in the mouth, lack of taste, and sometimes they just don't fit properly.

You can avoid all the above problems by using dental implants; not only do they seem natural, but they also help one avoid any lack of comfort.

Overview of the Implant Procedure

The initial step in any procedure concerning teeth is consultation. Most dental offices offer consultation to help the client learn more data on the cost and procedures to be performed. Our dental team is very welcoming and offers expert advice. Costs vary depending on the type of procedure you want to be performed.

The second step involves your dentist taking a 3D x-ray of your mouth structure and the skull. The scan enables the dentist to learn and know more about the structure. They note the blood vessels plotting and thus have the general know-how on the way forward to perform the procedure.

Recent technological advancements have resulted in most surgeries being completed in a single day. This is not standard; some procedures could take more than a day.

Guided Dental Implant Surgeries

This type of surgery starts with 3D scans of the client's mouth and skull. The surgery is planned virtually, with an exact model of the client's mouth being created. Such models enable the dentist to create implants of the size and shape as of your natural teeth. A fully guided surgery is smoother and faster compared to other methods. It also has a better success rate.

The following are Essential Questions to Ask about Dental implants in South Calgary.

  1. Are your Dental Surgeries fully Guided?

It is important to note that not all dentists use a guide when performing dental surgeries. It is of importance to ask this question before beginning the procedure.

  1. Do you Handle the Entire Dental Implant Process?

In some situations, your general dentist will not handle the entire process. You may be required to see some specialists such as a periodontist. Always ask this question before beginning any procedure. It will help in understanding who to see first and who to see last.

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