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At Health plus Dental Centre, we treat our patients like family, we value their time and go to great lengths to ensure that our services are satisfactory and meet their standards. We encourage our patients to give feedback and comments, and suggestions. These suggestions enable us to improve their experience at health plus dental. Here are samples of online reviews by some of our patients.

Maryjane on Google

I cracked my tooth when I was about 16 years old. As a young girl on the verge of puberty, having a cracked tooth is a significant cause of low self-esteem. I was so scared of smiling, laughing, or even talking. I heard of Health plus Dental, a Calgary emergency dental services center, from a friend and decided to visit them. I have always been scared of visiting dentists.

They say the most painful injections are to be found here. Trust me; I did not even feel the needle freezing. I, however, had a wonderful experience, from the reception desk, their cheerfulness was infectious. My dentist took me through everything that would happen, explaining it step by step. I am so grateful to the staff and emergency dentist in South Calgary. I can smile. I feel confident and beautiful. Thank you, Dr. Roger Chen.

Mercy on Google

Beautiful experience. I cannot stop thanking them for taking care of my daughter. She can't stop asking when she'll see the dentist next. The dental team is very friendly. Absolutely the best dental care in South Calgary.

Keira on Google

Just cracked a tooth today and decided to stop by. I was in and out within a brief period. I did not even feel a thing. I highly recommend it. Lovely staff and lovely place.

Flynn on Google

Visited health plus dental for the second time, and I like the dental hygienist. Super professional and friendly. Recommend!! Great location. Amiable, caring, and supportive team too.

Kevin on Facebook

Wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

Keilor on Google

My children have always been scared of visiting the dentist. My husband and I have tried a couple of places before, but they didn't go as well as we thought they would. At Health Plus Emergency dental services in Calgary, the experience was magical.

The pediatric dentist handled my children so well. They hardly cried out or kept reaching for me. The dentist was absolutely well trained, competent, and super friendly. The office was very bright and seemed to radiate joy. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much, Dr. Nii Ayi.

Monica on Google

Located in a convenient place. The staff is very kind. You feel very comfortable

Sharon on Google

Excellent experience. Keep it up, you guys

Joyce on Facebook

I am pleased I found this place. Super excited, they are conveniently located. Knowledgeable staff. Recommended.

Mya on Facebook

I once called during the late-night; I was having issues with my teeth. The dentist lived close by, believe me, guys, she came over. I cannot express how satisfied I am with their service. Great staff, knowledgeable, and always happy to help. Thank you so much.

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